Why GulfSafe?


Picture the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico as a plate covered with spaghetti – over 45,000 miles of it.
Oil and gas pipelines, telecommunications conduits and electrical cabling are sharing this plate with archeological sites, biological sites and even ordinance disposal areas. Currents, storms and seabed movements can jostle submerged pipelines and cables, making it difficult for offshore workers to identify areas that are free of infrastructure. As a result, oil and gas pipelines can be damaged, telecommunications lines broken and water and sewer lines shut down for nearby islands by blind dredging or drilling.

That’s where GulfSafe comes in.

We maintain an extensive, detailed database of offshore infrastructure and share them with companies who call GulfSafe before beginning a project in the Gulf of Mexico or Straits of Florida. Our one-call center is online and active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

By joining GulfSafe, you not only provide necessary damage prevention for your valuable assets, you also ensure documentation of pre-emptive protective measures, should there be an incident.

Repair and clean up from a damaged pipeline can potentially cost $1 million per barrel.

You wouldn’t operate your business without insurance coverage.

Why would you operate it without GulfSafe?